2017 THEME

Data is becoming a ubiquitous resource via, e.g., social networks, sensors, and the Internet of Things; at the same time, simulation models are increasingly complex, detailed, and large-scale. In this new world, the simulation community faces major challenges and opportunities both in exploiting available real-world data and in extracting insights from the massive data sets produced from large-scale simulation experiments. The focus of the 2017 Workshop is to promote fruitful interactions between the data science and simulation communities. The topics of discussion will include (but are not limited to): 

  1. Data assimilation into simulation models (e.g., via Kalman or particle filtering)
  2. Data farming and experimental design for large-scale simulation experiments
  3. Online, data-driven simulations
  4. Calibration of complex, data-hungry simulations
  5. Robust simulation to handle data uncertainty
  6. Application of database technology to large scale simulations
  7. Metamodeling, machine-learning and visual-analytic techniques for understanding massive simulation output
  8. Collaborative modeling and simulation (data and model sharing, provenance management, social network tools) 


The workshop will run for two and a half days, ending early-afternoon on August 2. There will be between ten and twelve invited 40-minute talks (with 20 minutes for discussion), four/five per day on the first two days and two on the last. These talks will cover diverse topics at the intersection of Simulation and Data Science. There will also be several poster sessions over the three days, preceded by sessions of “short presentations” (or “announcements”) for the posters. The poster sessions will be arranged so that those who present posters also have a chance to visit most of the other posters. The workshop will conclude with a “summary” session at the end on Wednesday to prepare a white paper/report. Maximum time will be given to discussions and the goal is to maximize interactions among attendees.


There will be a special issue of ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) devoted to extended versions of selected workshop presentations.

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